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A Long Overdue Check-In

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Why, hello there.

It's certainly been a long time since we've spoken, and that's totally on me. As life continued to get in the way of this thing that I love, time has slipped past with abandon and little has been happening in the world of Andy Hill Books (third-person narrative, it doesn't sound right but 'My Books' sounds even worse!)

Around 18 months ago, I lost all of my ongoing work in a hard drive crash... while in the process of transferring my cloud backup provider. It knocked me back and I essentially gave up for a while. However, I have recently picked up my old notes and begun the arduous process of re-writing everthing that I had previously re-written and then subsequently lost. To that end, work is continuing on the 2nd Edition of Darkness Calls, while Vengeance has had to take a back seat while I catch up.

I have updated the approximate release times on each of the books listed on the website now, and am almost back to where I was before my data was gobbled up by some nefarious technological insect. As such, things are now moving forward once again and I hope to be able to bring you some brighter news in the very near future.

Until then dear friends, take care. I'll see you soon, in the darkness.


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