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Hello, thank you for visiting my new website.

After a quiet few years with plenty going on in my personal life, writing has moved itself once again towards the forefront of my 'to-do' list. I'm excited about the future and have several interesting projects in the pipeline - some of which are shown on this new site. Of course, I'll be regularly updating this blog with my progress and future ideas, not just for those of you who may be interested, but also for the sake of my own sanity; a flood of ideas can become overwhelming if not expunged on occasion!

I felt that there was no better way to symbolise this bright future than with a website overhaul. To this end, I have moved host and redesigned the site to give it a fresher appearance and hopefully a more welcoming air. You can contact me directly through the Contact page on the site, or just head over to my social media outlets (the links appear at the bottom of each web page) and say "hi"!

I'm looking forward to getting more of my work out into the wild, and hopefully into your hands. Commencing with the publication of a re-edited and partially rewritten second edition of Darkness: Volume One in the next couple of months, then the publication of Vengeance - my first full-length work - later in the year.

I hope you'll join me for the journey.


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